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Targeted COVID-19 Recovery

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Intra-Nasal Light Recovery for those with Post-COVID-19 symptoms

Even though the virus may no longer be active in your body, the symptoms may continue to be a concern for many months.  If you are starting with photobiomodulation at this stage, Intra-nasal Red Light will be effective for reducing sinus congestion and headaches as well as decreasing mental confusion.

Best practice: Use Red light into each nasal passage for 1 – 3 minutes per nostril every 2 – 3 times per day along with other Light Therapy intervention. To deliver an adequate dose of light to denature COVID-19 virus that is residing in the nasal passages within a short period , we recommend a high-intensity torch with fiber-optic probe for best results. For those on a limited budget, a micro-light is also effective.

High-Intensity Torch​

Photopuncture Torch w/ Fiber-Optic Probe

Red Micro-Light​

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