Light Therapy for Recovery

The instructions on this page assume that you no longer test positive for COVID-19 but are still experiencing symptoms.  These are likely brain fog, fatigue, digestive upsets, swollen tongue, and inflamed organs.  For some, these lingering problems last for months due to the systemic damage that the virus has caused.

Light Therapy has been proven scientifically to enhance energy production (ATP) in all types of cells.  This additional energy fuels the recovery process.

Application Recommendations:

Frequent Use of Light is ESSENTIAL - Minimum of 3 times per day.

  • Lighting Nasal Passages:  Minimum of 3 times per day
  • De-Stressing: Minimum of 3 times per day
  • Regular Light Therapy Sessions:  (all at once or in multiple sessions depending on your devices)
    • For post-COVID-19 syndrome sufferers location is still important!  HEAD, LUNGS (Chest & Back), LYMPH, BELLY-BUTTON.   Minimum of 3 times per day OR as needed for coughing and breathing difficulties. 
    • Also use Light daily for any areas that are experiencing pain or discomfort.

Keep Yourself Safe:

Get RED Light inside the nose! 

Use high-intensity RED light into the nasal passages to denature the spikes on the virus.  Research indicates that this prevents the virus from replicating and attacking your body.

Depending on the output of your device this may take from 30 seconds to 3 minutes per nostril. 
Red Torch in Nasal Cavity

Keep Yourself Healthy - Recommended Daily Sessions:

Shift to “Rest & Digest” with targeted Light

De-Stress (shift the body into Parasympathetic State) using a Photopuncture Torch, targeted light source or microlight on the indicated points.  This improves sleep and the body’s ability to fight the infection and reduce symptoms.

Or ... Use Pads to De-Stress

You can also shift the body from “Fight or Flight” to “Rest & Digest” by applying red & near-infrared light directly to the areas shows with Light Therapy Pads.

Open the Lymph System

Direct your light to the areas with greatest concentration of lymph nodes (the green areas on the chart). 

This lowers inflammation and promotes the development of more lymphocytes – white blood cells that help fight infection.

This becomes even more important with an an active COVID infection.  The body needs the lymph system to fight the virus!


Support Healthy Circulation & Digestion!

Light directly on the belly button reduces inflammation in the body and delivers the benefits of light to everywhere that blood flows.  Research studies have repeatedly demonstrated the ability of photobiomodulation to improve circulation and COVID-19 is recognized as attacking the circulatory system.
When gut health is good, you’re less likely to experience damaging inflammation and lapses in immunity.  Our beneficial gut flora (biome) LOVES Light and thrives when given regular doses of the nutrient of Light!  Studies show that lighting up the digestive tract supports the biome and its ability to keep us healthy. 
The largest portion of our immune system is actually in the digestive tract – Healthy Digestion is KEY to keeping the whole body running smoothly. 

Support the Body’s Healthy Process

Studies have shown that those with higher levels of Nitric Oxide levels overcome the symptoms of COVID-19 more quickly than those with lower levels.  Photobiomodulation is proven to release Nitric Oxide wherever light is delivered. 

The more frequently and comprehensively that you use Light Therapy,  the better the odds are that your body will be able to respond to the virus quickly.

More Light = Greater Immunity = Less Pain = Faster Return to Health


Every body is individual in its innate ability to respond to COVID-19.  The developers of this website make no guarantees that Light cures COVID-19 or any of its variants.  We are providing information based on our experience of using photobiomodulation with our clients and the Scientific Studies listed on the RESEARCH page.

For more information on using Light Therapy for general health visit Photonic Therapy Institute and join us for our live weekly educational Office Hours Webinars.  For private consultations and group presentations contact Marcie Denton of

Weekly Educational

MMD Wellness Group and Photonic Therapy Institute have teamed up on an approved research study on the efficacy of Photobiomodulation for reduction of Inflammation and mitigation of COVID-19. For more information on the study or to register to be included CLICK HERE.